1891   born in Berlin
1907   studies with Emil Orlik at the training institute of the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts
1913   changes to the genre painter and portraitist Hugo Freiherr von Habermann at the Academy in Munich
1914   attends the private Academy Ranson in Paris, becomes a student of Felix Vallotton there
1914 - 1918   during the First World War he served as a battery commander and airman
1918   returns to Berlin and rents studio to continue work
1925   takes part in the group exhibition "Berliner Secession" and exhibits drawings at the Berlin Academy
1926 - 1930   lives in Provence and travels extensively
1932   moves to Paris, where he creates his first exclusively abstract works and collages
1934 - 1939   lives in Greece and exhibits twice in Athens
1939   return to Germany, beginning of his friendship with Werner Gilles, Günther Franke, Fritz Winter and E. W. Nay
1940   is banned from painting, moves to Pöcking near Munich
since   begins publications on art including: Essay "On Art Education," "Degenerate Art," "On Abstract Art" (both in 1947), "Turn to Non-Objectivity" in 1953, and "Ornament or Emblem?" 1955
since 1950   beginning of his non-figurative work phase; his first purely abstract exhibition is presented at the Art Association in Munich in 1952
1961   Guest of honor at Villa Massimo in Rome
1962   Guest of honor at the Villa Romana in Florence
since 1963   makes long trips especially to Greece
23.07.1976   dies in Wetzhausen in Lower Franconia