Emil Cimiotti

(1927 - 2019)

Emil Cimiotti's first exhibitions were torn apart by art critics. For Cimiotti had succeeded in leading the genre of sculpture along unknown paths. He wanted to break up the rigid and static as well as the voluminous in sculpture. He succeeded in this by thinking it from the inside out and not working from the core outwards, as was customary. In the usual sense, his works have no volume, but instead of mass, air or empty spaces. Thus, his sculptures sometimes appear to float. They are often inspired by natural elements and forms of the landscape, which can only be understood through the titles. (EW)


Born in Göttingen
Called up for military service in the last months of the war; English prisoner of war
1946 - 1948
Apprenticeship as a stonemason; interest in plastic work awakened
1949 - 1953
Studies sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart; encounters with Willi Baumeister, Constantin Brancusi, Le Corbusier, among others.
First bronze sculptures
First participation in exhibitions
Participation in documenta II, Kassel, Biennale of Young Art, Musée d'Art Morderne, Paris, European Art Today, USA
1963 - 1992
Professorship at the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts as well as its founding member
Natural casts in sculptures
Atelier in Hedwigsburg, Niedersachsen
verstorben in Wolfenbüttel