Oleinikov's works draw our gaze into a fictitious world in which man is closely interwoven with nature, in some cases even seems to be one with it. At the same time, he illuminates the role of man in the globalized world and also, again and again, his own self as an artist. Oleinikov achieves the appeal of his art partly through unexpected motifs, and partly through a pictorial technique reminiscent of the dramaturgical film language of Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky, whom Oleinikov admires. By combining oil paints with pencil and sometimes crayons, he creates contrasts that transport us to an imaginary world. (E.W., J.D.)

1968   born in Krasnodar, South Russia
1983 - 1987   College of Arts, Krasnodar
1987 - 1989   Agit-prop painter, leather goods factory Smirnov, Krasnodar

Freelance artist

1990   first exhibitions
1991 - 1996   moves to Moscow
1997 - 1999   Art Academy Karlsruhe, class of Prof. Meuser
1999 - 2001   Art Academy Düsseldorf, class of Prof. Jörg Immendorff
2001 - 2003   Art Academy Düsseldorf, class of Prof. Markus Lüpertz

appointment as master student

since 2004   freelance artist
since 2007   lives and works in Berlin