Igor Oleinikov - Paths - at the open storage - extended until 09/19/2020

11.07. - 19.09.2020

A recurring localisation of one’s own position is part of life - to then discover new ways. For this search for meaning, Igor Oleinikov has painting at his disposal. His pictorial worlds circle searchingly a connection to nature. The motif of nature, its sublimity and the position of man in it, are also components of an art movement that goes back some 250 years - Romanticism. Nature is symbolically charged in Oleinikov's work. He puts his imagination as an artist on the canvas and this is exactly what stimulates the viewer. If one wants to see it this way, Oleinikov does use romantic components, because art is always to be seen in tradition. He transfers this into our present time and thus hits the latent longing for life.

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