(Dresden 1935 - 2009 Hamburg)

Not only is Dottore's career from art-collecting physician to self-taught artist with his own artistic statement unusual, but so are his works. Using a lumbar puncture needle, he places tens of thousands of acrylic drops on the painting surface and calls this painting method guttism, derived from the Latin word "gutta" for drop. The result is an extremely dynamic mesh of images, vibrant in their colorfulness and unique in their composition. The influence of his artist contemporaries such as e.g. Hermann Glöckner, Wilhelm Müller, Max Uhlig or Gerhard Altenbourg, from whose works his extensive collection is composed, is also clearly noticeable in his own artistic work. (ED)


born in Dresden
1953 - 1958
Medical studies in Halle and Dresden
first exhibitions, calls himself Dottore
1981 - 1983
increasing conflicts with socialist dictatorship, freelance work, decision to leave the country
relocation to Hamburg
New start as a pediatrician with "medical studio"
devoted himself entirely to art and finished work as a doctor
dies in Hamburg