Döbele Kunst Mannheim

Galerie Döbele GmbH can now look back on four decades of commitment to art. In addition to the focus on classical modernism, the reference to contemporary art has always remained.
Founded in 1976 by Johann Döbele in Ravensburg, from 1985 to 2000 with its headquarters in Stuttgart, the gallery presented its program at the art fairs in Basel, Cologne and Munich. From the 1980s, art from the GDR, especially from Dresden, which was little known in the West at the time, was included in the program.

After the peaceful revolution, the gallery's headquarters shifted to Dresden, where from 1995 to 2019, led by Hedwig Döbele, the gallery resided and showed its exhibitions in the educated bourgeois district of Blasewitz-Striesen.

Art development has often shown that quality and sustainability do not arise from tradition-bound rigidity, but rather from curious, not always gentle change and transformation. To close oneself to change and the signs of the times would mean stagnation.

New since 04.06.2016 is our presence in Mannheim. Döbele Kunst Mannheim is dedicated to classical modernism, post-war art and selected contemporary positions.
In the summer of 2019, Hedwig Döbele united her Dresden gallery with Döbele Kunst Mannheim. To realize this, the Hedwig and Johann Döbele GbR was founded on 01.03. 2019 and the Schaudepot was established.

For Döbele Kunst Mannheim the traditional, recognizable quality remains the benchmark!