Mona Pourebrahim

(* 1985 Teheran, Iran)

Mona Pourebrahim's mountain landscapes are no real images. In her modern landscape painting, she is more concerned with the effect on us as viewers. For this purpose, the artist explores painting for possibilities to trigger certain emotions in us. Abstraction helps her to achieve an ambivalence between the visible and the invisible, which is also expressed in the color. Darkness and light stand in strong contrast to each other. They create romance, but also sublimity, which as a complement to beauty is associated with awe, but also with horror and shudder. The viewer is not meant to feel too comfortable when immersed in her paintings, yet enjoys the sublime beauty of her visual worlds. Above all, her poetic landscapes hold a hopeful sense of what remains of us as human beings. (EDL)


born in Tehran
2004 - 2009
Bachelor studies at the University of Arts, Tehran
2011 - 2015
Academy of Fine Arts Münster, Prof. Cornelius Völker
2015 - 2018
Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, Prof. Ralf Kerbach, Diploma
2018 - 2022
Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, Prof. Ralf Kerbach, Master student
receives the Robert-Sterl-Prize