His quite unique and extraordinary black-and-white photographs are characterized by a pictorial invention that ranges from geometric structures and multi-layered perspectives to poetic compositions. The Mannheim-based photographer brought his inspiring view into the picture. He played with perception, aesthetics and familiar reality, saw himself as a mediator between photography and fine art. In doing so, he did not allow himself to be distracted by artistic currents, but consistently went his own way. His unmistakable visual language in black and white made him a classic and he is considered a pioneer of contemporary photography.
1924   born in Stuttgart
1940 - 1941   trainees as a press photographer in Stuttgart, produces the first works included in the oeuvre, the " Early Pictures"
1941 - 1942   apprenticeship as a photographer
1942 - 1946   war service and imprisonment
1946 - 1952   works as a farmer on his parents' farm in Mark Brandenburg (Soviet occupation zone)
1949   studies at the Weimar School of Art, engagement with the architectural photography of Prof. Walter Hege
1950 - 1952   participation in exhibitions and competitions of Western European countries
1950   SILVER MEDAL, Swedish Master Competition, Stockholm (Sweden)
1952   abandonment of the farm due to the political situation in the GDR, flight to West Germany, establishment of a new existence in Mannheim
since 1953   numerous contract trips for publishing houses and industrial companies in Europe, South America, USA and East Asia
1957   new construction of a studio for photography
since 1959   over 130 solo exhibitions in museums and galleries in Germany and abroad
1960   APPOINTMENT to the "German Society for Photography DGPH"
  1st PRIZE in the competition "German Association of Cities and Towns"
  PHOTOKINA-PLAKETTE for artistic achievement, Cologne
1961   GOLD MEDAL, 3rd Mostra Biennale Internazionale della fotografia, Venice (Italy)
1962   SPECIAL PRIZE of the city of San Remo (Italy)
1972   abandonment of the studio for commercial photography in favor of free artistic work
  FILM "Language of Light and Time", ARD, Saarländischer Rundfunk about Robert Häusser and his photographic work (Georg Bense, 45 min.)
  stage design for the National Theater Mannheim and the Lucerne Festival, "Such a Love" by Pavel Kohut, world premiere (staged by Michael Hampe)
1978   SCHILLERPLAKETTE (prize) of the city of Mannheim
1984   ART PRIZE of the city of Nordhorn (Lower Saxony)
  DAVID-OCTAVIUS-HILL-MEDAL, Society of German Photographers (GDL) - German Photographic Academy (DFA)
  FILM "Making the Invisible Visible", ARD, Süddeutscher Rundfunk about Robert Häusser and his photographic work (Rudolf Werner, 45 min.)
1985   I.st class CROSS OF MERIT for lifetime achievement in the arts of the Federal Republic of Germany
1989   appointment as professor
1995   INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY, Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation, Stockholm (Sweden)
  PRIZE WINNER for a large wall design for the federal government in the House of Representatives in Berlin
1996   HONORARY GUEST of the German Academy Villa Massimo Rome (Italy)
2000   CULTURE PRIZE, German Society for Photography (DGPh), Cologne
2004   FILM "Robert Häusser - A Life in Pictures", commissioned by ZDF/3sat (Kerstin Achenbach, 45 min)
  Catalog raisonné "ROBERT HÄUSSER . Aus dem photographischen Werk 1938-2004", 2nd German revised edition, Edition Braus, Wachter Verlag (Publishing House)
2007   MEDAL OF MERIT, State of Baden-Wuerttemberg
2010   FILM "Robert Häusser - Life and Work", with the support of the Sponsors' Association for the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums (Rudij Bergmann, 45 min.)
2013   dies in Mannheim