Highlights aus dem Messeprogramm

10.02. bis 16.04.22

Doris Ziegler presents "Boot II" from 1987, an early major work.
Hermann Glöckner impresses with his joy of experimentation.
Bodo Rott surprises us with his optically deceptive world of images.
Max Uhlig with his portraits and landscapes demands one thing: to invest time so that his art unfolds completely.
Igor Oleinikov has accompanied us for many years.

Die Freiheit des Denkens - The Freedom of Thought

30.10.21 bis 29.01.22

The freedom of art is a fundamental right and one of the most protected in the German catalog of fundamental rights. From today's perspective, it is hard to imagine what it meant to work non-figuratively as an artist in the 1950s/60s, contrary to the expectations of the state apparatus of the GDR. However, the intense political discussions about the role of art as an instrument of popular education already in the early years of the GDR made any deviating aesthetic positioning be understood as hostile to the state. It is therefore all the more astonishing, and has so far been all too little discussed, how courageously and defiantly a whole series of artists stood up to this.

Kopfüber. Doris Ziegler - Malerei

03.07. bis 07.08.21

The world exists through change and transition. In Doris Ziegler's painting "Kopfüber" (Head over heels) (1992), time seems to be out of joint and the figure-personnel in the midst of an upheaval in search of hold. The figures' postures avoid any sense of security and symbolize the intrusion of the unforeseen into the static of life's plans.
The exhibition presents a panorama of the Leipzig artist's oeuvre, from self-portraits to figure paintings (including Passagenbilder) and architectural paintings.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the monograph "DORIS ZIEGLER. The Passage Work - Painting". Edited by Dr. Paul Kaiser, with essays and image texts as well as the catalog raisonné of the paintings (1970-2020), Weimar 2020, ISBN 978-3-00-066335-2, 39,90 €.

Der barocke Hassebrauk (1905-1974)

26.06. bis 07.08.21

The title of the exhibition already points to Hassebrauk's great arc of color. To the opulence of things he added an opulence of color, thus creating a singular artistic signature with a high recognition value.

In the exhibition Döbele Kunst Mannheim shows an exquisite selection of market-fresh paintings and pastels, in which the inner connection of the artist with the epoch of opulence and pleasure - the baroque - is represented. For art connoisseurs certainly a new discovery!

Igor Oleinikov - Lichtmagie

30.04. bis 19.06.21

2021 art KARLSRUHE will be closed due to corona.
Under the slogan "Corona does not stop art" we show the planned One-Artist-Show with Igor Oleinikov in the open storage at Richard-Wagner-Str. 51.

Igor Oleinikov has created new works for this one-artist show. The light itself enters into a magical connection with the depicted. His early works from the Düsseldorf period already show this light phenomenon.

Face to Face - Our Classics

30.04. bis 19.06.21

2021 art Karlsruhe will be closed due to Corona.
Following the slogan "Corona does not stop art" we show the classic stand planned there in the premises of Leibnizstraße 26.

Only in direct confrontation, face to face, the full effect - not only of art - is revealed. After a year at distance, we all long for this direct confrontation.

AUGENKONSUM - Original-Fotografien aus dem künstlerischen Werk von Robert Häusser

27.03. bis 24.04.21

From a private collection, intended for private collectors, we show 25 of the original photographs of Robert Häusser, signed and authorized with his thumbprint, which are only available in small numbers.

His photographic images are not intended for quick eye consumption, said Robert Häusser himself. In these days of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, quick image consumption is booming. We swipe, scroll and flood our eyes by looking at the screen.

The black-and-white photographs of Robert Häusser (1924-2013) are characterized by their own visual language. The Mannheim-based photographer plays with perception, aesthetics and unfamiliar reality. With the black-and-white photographs he gives his interpretation of reality. It is the small quiet things that attracted him, from geometric structures, multi-layered perspectives to poetic compositions.
The thoroughly composed productions give something sublime to the ordinary, which stimulates the viewer to reflect.

In 1995, Robert Häusser was the first German photographer to receive the Hasselblad Award, the most important international award for photography. Even during his lifetime, he exhibited worldwide, was influential in shaping styles, and paved the way for generations to come.
Inquiries at any time at:

Döbele art private
Leibnizstr. 26, 68165 Mannheim, Germany
+49 621 79943078 +49 174 1663050
Johann Döbele

Max Uhlig: Die bewegte Linie im expressiven Rhythmus

03.11.20 bis 27.02.21

This exhibition in our open storage at Richard-Wagner-Strasse 51 has been extended until 27.02.2021.

The Corona - regulations decree the closing of the rooms in the open storage. But here on the website you can see all the works on display - with a click on the picture or the headline!

And we can phone, e-mail, Skype, Facetime or conference with Zoom - there is always a way to find a contact.

Use the free time to visit our website more often. We try to keep the news interesting and we are looking forward to your opinion. We will be happy to answer your questions or send you exposés of the artworks.

The exhibition shows how diverse Max Uhlig's work is. From early drawings of the 60s with artist portraits and Dresden cityscapes to motifs from the Baltic Sea, Mecklenburg, Erzgebirge, Dresden to France, portraits, street scenes and vines.

Our Classics. Face to face.

17.10.20 bis 27.02.21

Face to face is difficult in corona times. The exhibition in our rooms -private- in 68165 Mannheim, Leibnizstr. 26 was extended until 27.02.2021.

The Corona - regulations do decree that the rooms -private- in Leibnizstr. 26 will remain closed to the public. But here on the website you can view all the exhibited works - with a click on the picture or the headline!

And we can phone, e-mail, connect with Skype and Facetime or confer with Zoom - there is always a way to find a contact.
Use the free time to visit our website more often. We try to keep the news interesting and we are looking forward to your opinion. We will be happy to answer your questions or send you exposés of the artworks.

It is still going on. About 30 exhibits of our Classic program are waiting for your view.
We offer artworks by the classics: Max Ackermann, Gerhard Altenbourg, Horst Antes, Willi Baumeister, Peter Brüning, Rolf Cavael, Emil Cimiotti, Hermann Glöckner, Karl Otto Götz, Kurt Günther, Robert Häusser, Gerhard Hoehme, Dietrich Klinge, Brigitte Matschinsky-Denninghoff, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Igor Oleinikov, Otto Ritschl, Bernard Schultze, Emil Schumacher, K.R.H. Sonderborg, Werner Stötzer, Rolf Szymanski, Fred Thieler, Max Uhlig, Andy Warhol and Doris Ziegler.

Igor Oleinikov - Wege - im Schaudepot - verlängert bis 19.09.20

11.07. bis 19.09.20

To document Oleinikov's artistic paths, we are showing in this exhibition, among other things, pictures not previously known to the public.

The full effect of the artworks is only revealed to us in the analogue confrontation with the original - face to face.
Therefore we cordially invite you to visit us.

BEZIEHUNGSWEISE(N) - Part I - verlängert bis 19.09.20

04.07. bis 19.09.20

Diverse relationships are important for humans as social beings, this has recently been shown by the imposed social distancing.
The now beginning loosening holds the chance to establish new relationships and to maintain existing ones. We want to revive and strengthen the connection to our art friends and customers.

Pantherfrauen. Fünf Künstlerinnen aus Leipzig - verlängert bis 13.06.20

04.04. bis 13.06.20

Exhibition with works of five contemporary female artists from Leipzig:
Isabelle Dutoit, Petra Flemming, Katrin Kunert, Gudrun Petersdorff, Doris Ziegler.

With our video of a short tour through our premises you can already get a small insight into the exhibition.


Accrochage im Schaudepot

01.02. bis 04.04.20

Döbele Kunst Mannheim shows an Accrochage at the open storage with 100 works by over 40 artists, including many works that were last exhibited a long time ago or even never before.

Our Classics III

11.01. bis 29.02.20

For the third time, Döbele Kunst Mannheim is offering a selection of works under the title "Our Classics" that claims criteria such as classicism, permanence and timelessness.

On view are positions by Horst Antes, Willi Baumeister, Rolf Cavael, Eberhard Göschel, Karl Otto Götz, Gerhard Hoehme, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Wolfgang Paalen, Stefan Plenkers, Oskar Schlemmer, Bernard Schultze, Werner Stötzer, Fred Thieler and Max Uhlig.

Zeitlos - Herta Günthers Menschenbilder

23.11. bis 21.12.19

About one and a half years after Herta Günther's death, Döbele Kunst Mannheim shows selected pastels, mixed media and oil paintings with the exhibition "Timeless - Herta Günther's Images of People" in the newly established open storage at Richard-Wagner-Strasse 51.

Brückenkopf. Dresdner Kunst - neu entdeckt

14.09. bis 02.11.19

East German art from the second half of the 20th century is currently undergoing a serious reassessment.
Döbele Kunst Mannheim offers with the exhibition "Brückenkopf. Dresden Art - Rediscovered" different positions of Dresden art with works, by artists such as Hermann Glöckner, Max Uhlig, Stefan Plenkers, Ralf Kerbach, Angela Hampel and Elke Hopfe.

Igor Oleinikov "Für die Kunst" - verlängert bis 29.06.2019

11.05. bis 29.06.19

To mark the end of the exhibition in Mannheim, Igor Oleinikov is bringing seven new oil paintings with him, which will be presented to the public for the first time.
Already in the 25 sketches "St. Igorius" Oleinikov gives insights into his thoughts, his ideas and his actions. On the Finissage afternoon he will personally explain his thought processes and creations in more detail.

We cordially invite you to celebrate the finissage on Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 16:00 to 19:00 in the presence of Igor Oleinikov.

Max Ackermann - Pastelle - pure Malerei und Zeichnungen - Meditationen

06.04. bis 04.05.19

Max Ackermann was given a long and hard-working life. With his work spanning more than seven decades, he succeeded in building a bridge from the 19th to the late 20th century.
In the technique of pastel, to be classified between painting and drawing, he found in his late work the solution in his search for harmony between form and color.


15.12.18 bis 28.02.19

Britta Lumer | Claudia Tebben | Robert Häusser

Each of the oeuvres is independent and different. They do not enter into any comparison and yet they reinforce the meaning of the other. In the joint exhibition these metaphors can be felt. This is highly inspiring and exciting.

Accompanying the exhibition, we invite you to a talk with the artists and the photo historian Prof. Dr. Claude W. Sui on Saturday, 01/26/2019 at 7 p.m..

our classics II

15.09. bis 30.11.18

For the second time, Döbele Kunst Mannheim shows artworks for which selection criteria such as innovative strength paired with timelessness are claimed.
Outstanding individual positions invite us to take a closer look and encourage us to sensitize our perspectives.

Max Ackermann | Georg Baselitz | Ernst Bursche | Eberhard Freudenreich | Hermann Glöckner | Walter Gramatté | Herta Günther | Robert Häusser | Adolf Hölzel | Myriam Holme | Edmund Kesting | Janina Lamberty | Ernst Wilhelm Nay | Igor Oleinikov | Tanja Pohl | Barbara Reck-Irmler | Otto Ritschl | Dagmar Röderer | Max Uhlig | Conrad Westpfahl and others

Von wegen bla bla: Die Macht der Wörter

23.06. bis 28.07.18

Barbara Reck-Irmler at Döbele Kunst Mannheim

The power of words intensifies more and more in our networked world. In the age of short messages, they reach us as hashtags, as private messages, as business emails, as messages in advertising, politicians use them, and for a long time now, artists have also taken up language and writing as artistic material.

Robert Häusser (1924-2013) Das fotografische, künstlerische Werk

05.05. bis 09.06.18

Like hardly any other artist, Robert Häusser shaped the development of contemporary photography. With his presence at this year's ART COLOGNE (19.-22.4.18) through our gallery, a new look at an oeuvre is offered, which is more current than ever with regard to current developments of the medium.

Now Robert Häusser is strategically represented by "Döbele Kunst Mannheim" in cooperation with Museums Management Mannheim GmbH, subsidiary of the Curt-Engelhorn-Stiftung. The aim is to establish him as a modern classic on the art and photography market.

Art Cologne 2018 - one Artist Robert Häusser - Fotografie

19. bis 22.04.18

For the first time, the work of Robert Häusser will be comprehensively presented at ART COLOGNE.

The internationally renowned photographer Robert Häusser is considered a pioneer of contemporary photography. As one of the most important representatives of Classical Modernism, he created a series of images as early as 1941/42 that represent highlights of recent photography.

Walter Gramatté - Werke aus den Jahren 1916 bis 1929

17.03. bis 28.04.18

With Walter Gramatté, Döbele Kunst Mannheim shows an artist who has found his own personal style beyond so-called "-isms". On display are, in addition to watercolors and oil paintings, rare prints that he made in a small edition with a hand press.


18.11.17 bis 03.03.18

What makes a classic? Perfection of form, harmony, timelessness, recognizability, innovativeness, familiarity and recognition are characteristics to hint at a few.

The exhibition is set up over a longer period of time. It changes its presentation profile during this time. A repeated visit remains exciting.

Scout und Philosoph - Igor Oleinikov - Malerei

16.09. bis 21.10.17

Igor Oleinikov's pictures tell stories, but do not reveal their ultimate secret. The sitters, mostly lone warriors, seem far from everyday life and enraptured by spiritual elements.

Opening event on Saturday, 09/16/2017, 7 pm, together with the artist.
Introduction by Johann Döbele.

TROTZ ALLEDEM Kerbach - Leiberg - Scheib - Schleime - Stangl

14.07. bis 26.08.17

Five artists - Ralf Kerbach, Helge Leiberg, Hans Scheib, Cornelia Schleime and Reinhard Stangl - met while studying in Dresden in the 70s, discussed, made music, films, books and of course art together.

Hedwig and Johann Döbele have always been committed to breaking down East-West thinking in their decades of gallery work and are pleased to present the exhibition "Trotz alledem" at the anniversary show MALSTRÖME at the Mannheimer Kunstverein.

Max Uhlig: Vignes - Paysages de Provence

20.05. bis 01.07.17

With the exhibition "Vignes - Paysages de Provence" Döbele Kunst Mannheim honors the artist Max Uhlig in the year of his 80th birthday.
On display are oil paintings, pastels and watercolors by Max Uhlig, which were created between 1991 and 2011 in his then summer studio in Faucon, near Mont Ventoux.

LINIE FORM PAPIER Eberhard Freudenreich

23.03. bis 29.04.17

Eberhard Freudenreich prints it, cuts it, draws on it and currently he also folds it - paper. In his latest works he takes the material, which in art is otherwise mainly anchored in the second dimension as a picture carrier, into the third dimension.

Vernissage on Thursday, 03/23/2017 at 7pm - together with the artist.
The introduction will be held by Eva Wick M.A. A catalog will be published.

Herta Günther - zwischen Traum und Wissen

26.01. bis 04.03.17

Herta Günther (b.1934) observes people very closely. She draws from the everyday, visits pubs, cafes and restaurants - places where people meet. This is how her street and interior scenes are created. One believes to know the sitters, feels connected to them, their looks nevertheless do not reveal everything, something mysterious surrounds them.

Opening on Thursday, 01/26/2017 at 7pm.
Hedwig Döbele will hold the introduction.

Vom Bauhaus zum Aufbruch - Eugen Batz + Xanti Schawinsky

19.11.16 bis 14.01.17

With the exhibition "Vom Bauhaus zum Aufbruch" Döbele Kunst Mannheim participates in the current scene discourse that rediscovers and reevaluates the art of the post-war period.
The artists Xanti Schawinsky (1904-1979) and Eugen Batz (1905-1986) studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau. They developed their own art profiles beyond the Nazi era into the 40s and 50s awakening years and into the 70s.

Opening on Sunday, 11/20/2016 at 11:30 am.
The introductory words will be held by the art historian and curator of the exhibition Eva Wick.

Werner Tübke

23.09. bis 22.10.16

With Werner Tübke, Döbele Kunst Mannheim shows a virtuoso of the Leipzig School. With over 30 works, a chronological selection of the great oeuvre is shown, ranging from portraits to landscapes to the scene images typical for Tübke and thus offers an overview of the stylistic diversity of the painter and graphic artist.

Opening on Friday 9/23/16 at 7:00 pm. Introduction will be held by Dr. Eduard Beaucamp, Frankfurt.