Aren Shahnazaryan

(* 1991)

Iconographic symbols and figures come together in mysterious scenes and immediately convey a deeper, yet still inexplicable meaning. For Aren Shahnazaryan, the creative process in painting plays an equal role to the level of content. Guided by his intuition, he often paints over his pictures until the coarse brushstrokes in thick layers of paint form a structure from which the motifs grow out.

Shahnazaryan was born in Armenia in 1991, where he also completed his first art degree. He came to Germany in 2017 to complete his diploma at the HfBK Dresden. He has been a master student of Prof. Ralf Kerbach since 2022. He lives and works in Dresden.


born on December 13
2008 - 2012
Studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts Yerevan
2015 - 2017
Head of the graphic workshop in “Mkhitar Sebastaci” educational center
2017 - 2022
Diploma in Fine Arts at the Dresden University of Fine Arts, by Prof. Ralf Kerbach
Representative of the Armenian Fine Arts Foundation in Germany
Post-graduate study at master-class with Prof. Ralf Kerbach